Usually, I try the procedures first on myself before I give advice to fellow surfers. It is a hard job yes, but please do not feel sorry for me..

I am an ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) resident. Well, actually I was. Otorhinolaryngology and I, we were madly in love. But right now I am having an affair. I am a surf doc. I practice medicine in remote areas.

So far, my main patients are my wife and myself. We are German surf frothers on a long surf trip and we keep hurting ourselves. If you are interested in more than the medical side of our journey check out our blog

My special interests are ENT, Emergency Medicine and Mobile Health. Surfing medicine is not only about the health of surfers but also about health problems in the regions we travel to. If I see the chance to improve health care I do get involved sticking to three principles. The first one is “Primum non nocere” which is Latin and a fancy way to say: the most important thing is not to do any harm. Duh! The second principle is not to take away work from local health workers. It is an absolute luxury to travel around like we do, I will not take away jobs of people who depend on the income. Which leads to the last principle: I do not take money. If I stich you up you buy new sewing material so I am prepared for the next person who needs my help but I do not take money for what I do. I will be fine as soon as I am working in the hospital again full time.

If you have any suggestions or you reckon some information on this website is wrong please let me know. If you have a project going and would like to propose a cooperation do not hesitate to contact me.

2 thoughts on “Mobilesurfdoc?

  1. Hi Markus, I email you to ask you advice- I am a U.K. medical student looking to develop my prehospital care skills I hope of working in Emergency Medicine in the future. I am looking to organise my elective placement in surf medicine as I have fallen in love with it after surfing in Pembrokeshire, Lisbon, and Cape Town, and can’t think of a better way to combine this with a chance to develop prehospital care skills. Do you have any ideas for arranging such a placement?


    1. Dear Jemima, I have a few contacts but I do not want to put them up here for anyone to read. Contact me via Facebook and I can give you some information that might help!


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