New Chisels presented at World Conference on Surfing Medicine 2018

The mobilesurfdoc might not be mobile anymore but he is still working on improving ear care for surfers. And I have some exciting news to share:

Bühler Instrumente, a German medical engineering company, is ready to deliver handmade osteotomes (medical chisels) for transcanl surgery to most countries now.


Hetzler straight and curved
Brand new and made in Germany: The Hetzler straight and curved, by “Bühler Instrumente”


Dr. Hetzler and I have been working on the design together with the company for several months. I was very proud to bring the prototype to the World Conference of Surfing Medicine in Cornwall, UK, in October 2018 and to introduce the “Hetzler straight” and “Hetzler curved” to the audience.

After several surgeries with the new Bühler tools, they have now been approved by Dr. Hetzler. Any surgeon who is interested, please write an email to to arrange the details. Prize excluding shipment and tax is 250 Euros. For information on the surgical technique and on how to blend it into the more common drilling technique Dr. Hetzler wrote a great paper: Osteotome technique for removal of symptomatic ear canal exostoses.


The Surfing Otorhinos


Surfing Medicine International is an organization for all kinds of health professionals. We share knowledge on a variety of different topics concerning surfers’ health and marine environment. The ENT doctors involved in the SMI are steadily growing. We call ourselves the Surfing Otorhinos. It is exciting to see and hear how differently ENT doctors around the world work on the same body parts. Looking at it from different perspectives gets you closer to your own profession. For any ENT doctors or residents interested: join the conferences. We usually try to organize at least one Otorhino dinner to hang out together. And feel free to contact me via


vlcsnap-2018-09-26-12h08m46s303 2
Paddle-out in memory of Terrence Farrel, an idol to many of us who sadly passed away


This year’s conference in Cornwall was amazing. So far, it was the best and biggest of Surfing Medicine International. I am very glad to be part of this energetic community. I presented some results of the Mobile Ear Project. Finally, I had gotten around to evaluating them. Also, I gave a workshop on how to conduct ear exams for traveling health professionals using mobile devices. I have to thank Cupris for sponsoring the devices so we were able to conduct ear exams with several different phone adapters, USB devices and regular otoscopes.

Next year’s conference will be held in Torquay, Australia, in April. The Surfing Otorhinos will be there. I, however, won’t be able to make it. But I’ve got a good excuse. If everything goes well I’ll become a dad around that time.




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