Mobilesurfdoc – The Wrap Up

The dream is over. Since April the mobilesurfdoc is not mobile any more. I am back slaving away in a University hospital. Time to buckle down and work on my ENT career.

Now, it depends on the way you look at it if the mobilesurfdoc project has been a success or not. Financially, we spent about 30 grand, missed out on work aka money, and didn’t pay a single dollar into our retirement fund. Altogether I made 300 Australian Dollars. So financially it was a big failure. Just like we planned it.

Employed by the ocean – payed in waves. It turned out to be the deal of a lifetime

Aiming for professional settling for dorky: Not my favortite suit but you have to adapt to the conditions.

Scientifically, the German ENT society doesn’t consider Surfer’s Ear one of their major concerns. Instead of giving a presentation on the main stage I was allowed to present a poster in a back room. One could consider this a pretty sad outcome for a year’s work. But who can blame them? Until Surfer’s Ear becomes a real deal in Germany the sea level has to rise quite a few meters. (Thanks to Trump this might actually happen rather sooner than later.) And a daring alternative approach to science has never been a German thing. We rather keep working on the diesel motors for the next 200 years. However, the scientific part isn’t over yet. I am working on an publication with all the great data that I collected.

New Zealand. If I lived there I probably wouldn’t care about anything else either.

Aside from what you can read on this blog there are a few things that did not work out. They wanted to interview me on a TV-show in New Zealand and then something more important came along. Can you believe it? In New Zealand? And when I wanted to tackle Malaria in Indonesia the world was not ready for it.

You think I am being sarcastic? Not at all. I am just having fun being honest. This year was the best of my life. So much did work out. I got to spend one year traveling with my wife, working on little projects, connecting people, sharing knowledge, and yes, surfing our brains out. We’ve never felt more alive. Or happier.

It was inspiring to meet all these people who work on the same problems as me using different approaches all around the world. There are so many great humans I have to thank. So I won’t even get started here. I am just going to throw it out there like this: Thank you world, for this warm and overwhelming welcome. I will give back for the rest of my life.

3 thoughts on “Mobilesurfdoc – The Wrap Up

  1. Hey bro I’m very inspired by what you’ve done. And like you, I have a vision and have been knocked down and out many times. Here are my details, I’d love to set up a Skype call and discuss some ideas and issues. Cheers, Chris Ryan. Founder/director SEKI (New Zealand) Skype: sekisurf. Email: Ph: ++64 27 271 4921


    1. I actually took some time off during my residency. I had to make some money first. It does not really matter when you do it. It is important to do it. There is always a job for a motivated doctor somewhere. I simply quit and applied again.


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