The Mobilesurfdoc goes online

My favorite patient: Stitching my eyebrow was harder than I though

Yes, there are enough blogs around. And yes, I am not going to change the world. But as a traveling surfer you will find Information here that will help you. Or at least entertain you. Health is a serious issue and we all have to die. This blog will focus on the we-need-to-stay/get-healthy-in-order-to-be-able-to-surf part and not so much on the we-have-to-die-eventually part.

It  is not about how to avoid an ugly scar after a fin cut on your eyebrow. It is about how you can get back in the water as quick as possible and minimize the risk of an infection. It is not about which surgeon is the best for your ear operation. It is about what to do when there is no doctor or hospital around.

My wife and I are surfing in remote areas around the world. We are in Mexico at the moment and will continue our journey to Fiji, Western Australia, Indonesia and South Africa throughout the year. Besides checking out local infrastructure and helping along the way we focus on the possibilities of the so called smartphone medicine to increase the quality of healthcare in these areas and  for the traveling surfer. This is the plan. But we might just end up surfing all the time with none of us or around us getting hurt. Wouldn’t that be great?

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